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Linetech Installations have carried out a number of our onsite electrical installations at both of our

production plants.


  • Upgrade of mains power at our Creeting plant, with no disruption to our production schedules,

     as all work was carried out over the Christmas holiday late Dec 2009 / early Jan 2010.

  • The electrical installation of our new work shop facility for mould manufacture.
  • New factory lighting.
  • Electrical breakdown callouts at short notice.


Poundfield products would like to thank Linetech for the help and support so far, we look forward to

continuing our working relationship in the future.


Production Director





Linetech Installations have been an asset to Climax Molybdenum UK Limited as an approved

contractor for all our sites contract electrical & control works.


Linetech have proven to be very efficient, professional and most importantly to our site zero and

beyond goals as very safety conscious, there staffs have personally attended our re-setting the

culture training programmes and all have passed with flying colours, a credit to the contracting world

of engineers.


   Projects Linetech have been involved with from design to final completion: - 

  • Fibre & nett work systems and cabling
  • Large industrial electrical installations
  • Power distribution
  • Turn key projects
  • PLC systems, installation, modification
  • Fault finding of process equipment
  • Plant break downs at short notice 24 hours a day


Linetech are extremely competent, efficient and have an excellent rapport with all levels of staff at

Climax Molybdenum.


In summary, I highly recommend Linetech Installations for any contract / project that they seek to

pursue or be invited to tender.


Engineering Manager, Climax Molybdenum UK Ltd






I felt compelled to write a letter of thanks to you and your staff regarding to the Glasgow process

control network installation.

  • 55 Mitsubishi PLC
  • 10 IPC Operator Workstations
  • 7 IP Camera stations
  • 4 I/O Servers
  • 36 Devices connected via Lantronix

We have been delighted with the whole project and its implementation. The installation of all the Cat 5

and Fibre I felt was to the highest standard, and a marked improvement on the West Brom installation

installed perversely by others.

The control of your staff was first class and any queries or concerns we had were dealt with

immediately and very professionally. The project was completed on time and to the highest standard.

Full compliance with Allied Bakeries Standards for the Data and Fibre installation were fully adhered to.


I look forward to continuing our partnership through future Scada infrastructure projects.


National Process Control Project Manager 






Olympus Automation have been using Linetech Installations for the last five years, they have carried

out a large number of onsite electrical & control installations.


I have personally worked with their engineers on many of my projects varying from a single day's

installation to multi-week projects.


Their standard of work is of the highest quality & attitude to getting the work completed in time always

reassuring; especially with the industries we are involved in, where any loss or delay in production

has to be avoided.


I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.


Senior Electrical Project Engineer





Linetech Installations Ltd. has been supporting our factory for three years. Consequently a strong

relationship has ensued between both companies and staff at all levels with production as the core priority.

The nature of our business requires minimum downtime to our product lines along with detailed knowledge

of food & beverage production standards and procedures.


Needless to say Linetech Installations Ltd has provided our business with the support and knowledge needed

with a high volume production plant.


Factory manager





Linetech Installations Ltd is our principal electrical contractor; this relationship has grown due to Linetech's

approach to our electrical infrastructure needs. In 2009 when the factory re-lighting project was put out to

tender Linetech Installations Ltd was invited to tender for the works. It was noted at the early stages of

tendering their commitment to the project and planning detail was far superior to other documentation received.

The management of Linetech installations also invited Shelbourne Reynolds to visit there other customer sites

where Linetech have carried out similar projects in size and cost, which we as a company a long with the

project cost found to be very reassuring. The project was carried out over a three month period effectively with

no complications and to the constraints of our health and safety system. This resulted in the project being

completed on schedule and to a very high standard.


   Site projects carried out to date

  • Complete factory re-lighting along with intelligent lighting systems.
  • Factory supply upgrade from 630 amps. To 1250 amps split distribution centres.
  • The installation of power factor correction units.
  • The installation of new laser cutting plant.
  • The full test & inspection of the entire factory.
  • Emergency lighting of office block.


In summary Shelbourne Reynolds would recommend Linetech Installations Ltd to any medium or large organisations.

We look forward to continuing our working relationship over the coming years of company re-development and

new investment projects.


Financial Director