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Green energy solutions are coming very soon

Linetech are negotiating to become a UK supplier and distributor of new solar, wind and hydro technologies supplied from a well known European manufacturer. This is a completely new sector of business for Linetech away from the company's core business of industrial electrical installations and control system services. Linetech is actively reducing its carbon footprint by using bio fuels and installing energy efficient lighting in its work place. Furthermore we have been promoting to all customers energy efficient ways of production, by showing how to operate their systems and machines on a green level and avoid waste.

The agricultural industry benefits more than most for example a big, barn-roof-mounted array of PV panels totalling 400sq m can produce up to 60kW in ideal conditions. Averaged over a year, this would amount to 51,000 kWh (units) of electricity.
In the meantime please take a few moments to look at the below links, or if you think Linetech could help you at home or your organisation with a new green energy system then please
contact us and we will share new green energy system solutions with you.

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